Game Idea: Using Clik

You can read about a new startup by the team who made the Kik app called Clik here:

To sum it up Clik lets users conrol their computer screen or smart tv browser from their smart phone. All the user has to do is scan the QR code located on with the Clik app and they are good to go. Really simple process. Love it. At the moment the app can only control youtube videos but the potential is there, I can smell it.

With so much focus in the gaming industry on party games, I can see a developer using the Clik API to disrupt that scene completely. Just imagine everyone in the room being able to opt into a game just by whipping out their iPhone or Android and scanning the screen. Then using that same phone as the controller to that game. Genius. 

With Xbox 360 and PS3 already in so many homes the scene is just waiting for something new to happen.

Not a gaming idea but I can also see streaming hubs like Ustream and Twitch becoming great partners as well.