Play The Game

I remember as a kid I used to sit and watch my brother play Super Nintendo all day. We’d get into arguments constantly because I was always telling him how he was not making the right moves, and timing his jumps and attacks the wrong way. I’d call him stupid and slow and he’d call me names back, we really went at it. I just couldnt understand why he was not listening to me and jumping when I said jump, and attacking when I said attack.

When I was home alone one day, I decided to one up him and prove that I was right. So I turned on the game and started playing the way I have been screaming at him to play. And then I realized just how hard that shit was. Everything I was telling him to do was kind of impossible. The controller wasn’t responding how I thought it would. The timing was off no matter how hard I tried the way I thought. I realized then, I will play games myself, rather than judge how hard/easy it is by spectating.

I think in life we see people do things and get upset when we feel we can do it better. Or we assume something is easy or not, when we are just watching. I don’t want to be a spectator, and neither should you. Play the game yourself, and save your judgement and opinions.