5 Great Sites To Learn Online In 2012

As you may know, I didn’t get a chance to finish college. So I took it upon myself to get educated. Like many people, Google became my best friend. I spent hours digging through books, youtube videos, and slide presentations. This wasn’t even that long ago. Now in 2012 the internet has made it even easier to learn just about anything you may want to know. But today I’m just going to give you my personal 5 favorite sites.

Online courses

1. Skillshare

Skillshare has changed the game. Until last week it has only been strictly an online marketplace for offline classes. With the introduction to “Hybrid Classes” anyone around the world is free to join. What makes Skillshare different is they attract some of the coolest subject matter experts I have seen so far. Where else are you going to take a course on sneakers online, and for a good price?

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2. Udemy

Udemy is a site that has been about learning online from the start. I saw someone offer some free social media marketing course on the site, so I signed up. The course was pretty bad, but it did help me discover some Photoshop lessons. I still suck at Photoshop, but I’m way better than I used to be. Some classes are free some you have to pay for.

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3. Coursera

Coursera is college courses online for free. We are talking real college courses from the catalogs of Stanford, Rice, Princeton, Duke and many others. We are talking computer science courses, medical courses, etc. This was the site I dreamed about when I dropped out. I only took one class so far because of time constraints, but plan to enroll in this Business Growth course the top of next year. Take advantage of this one.

4. AppSumo

AppSumo isn’t really your typical place to learn online like the top 3, but they offer some great information products every once in a while. If your not familiar with AppSumo it’s a daily deals site for geeks. So everyday theres a new attraction. Most of the products are “how to’s” and “step-by-step” guides. Nothing is really free with this site, but they give you your money back if your not satisfied. Their policy: 100% money back, happiness guaranteed. We’ll refund for any reason, at any time, before you die.

5. Mixergy

Mixergy with Andrew Warner remains to be a great resource for entrepreneurs. What is Mixergy? Andrew Warner interviews entrepreneurs who have succeeded or failed at building an business. The main purpose is for the audience to learn from the best. I love it because it gave me access to people I just could not meet and have a conversation with when I was starting out. It can’t get any better than that.

More Resources: No Excuse List, a site with a huge range of places to learn online for free.