How Can Change Social Media Marketing

It may seem like I’m on a love fest for, and maybe I am. But I really understand the problem they are solving here and the potential is so great. I just had a conversation with my co author of “The Phat Startup” James Lopez about music and the way its being marketed today and it drove me to make this post.

See, when you became an affiliate for Amazon or any company online you had to go sign up, fill out a long ass form, enter tax information, and then do a bunch of other annoying 1995 stuff. cuts that in half, you can now just sign-up with a Twitter or Facebook login if you choose to do so.

The fact that it’s just that easy to start engaging and sharing affiliate links to quality products from quality vendors opens the doors for all types of creative campaigns. Online crowd based activity has gotten so popular recently, I think its worth a try for labels to begin using a service like this to get fans involved in selling a CD.

It’s not like you don’t get anything from it as a fan. You can earn rewards, money, etc. just by sharing a simple shortened url. And the good thing about it is, virtually nobody loses. The fan earns his/her reward, Amazon still gets their cut, gets a new user.

What If Rick Ross and Def Jam ran a contest via all social media channels that whoever helps to sell the most albums would get a grand prize or something? What if Fandango did something similar for movie tickets to anticipated box office hits? Worth a try if you ask me.

We have entered the new age of affiliate marketing, that actually taps into the way we already share and recommend products on the internet. No sales pitch, it’s coming from friends, family, and the people you like. Who will be the first to bite?

  • James Lopez

    Good job on the post, artists should tap into something like that. It could be a great way to motivate purchases between friends and such.

  • Nathan Alden, Sr.

    Except that Amazon’s margins are being compressed by state tax issues, rising fuel prices, rampant inflation and commodity price surges. In other words, is introducing themselves as a middleman into a system that has already proven itself efficient: people are now going directly to to search for any product /before/ searching Google. Why would I hunt around for links on some random site when I can go directly to the source so easily? Amazon’s margins are so thin now, there’s not much left to skim off the top.