Is Cory Booker’s #Waywire For You?

When I first read the TechCrunch article that Cory Booker was launching a startup, I was immediately glued to it. Truth is, I’m such a fan of Cory Booker (not because I’m from Newark, lol), I’m interested in almost anything he does. So naturally I was one of the first users when the alpha version of #waywire launched, and was able to grab a super simple vanity URL:

So what the hell is #waywire? They describe themselves as a video network to discover, create, and share what matters to you. My first thought was; can’t I already do this on Youtube and every other social network I’m on? But there is more to it.

Every user gets a feed where they can add a video either by a rewire (retweet/reblog) from another users feed or adding it via bookmarklet. As I added some of my favorite videos to my feed, I felt like I was using a video version of Pinterest. It’s hard to really have a collection of my favorite clips in a clean and organized setup, especially if every video doesn’t come from Youtube. So it was great #waywire could do that for me.

You discover other videos on #waywire by browsing through hashtags such as inspiration, business, tech, etc. Eventually when more users fill up the site there will be an abundance of tags to sift through, sort of reminds me of subreddits on Reddit.

So far so good on this alpha version of #waywire. I’m not sure about the become your own news channel side of things yet, I’ll write an update post on this site in a few months. So is #waywire for you? It’s too soon to even be really critical, but if you love watching videos online then yes. I personally only watch inspirational and educational videos, with a bit of video game related stuff here and there. So follow me on #waywire if that’s your thing and keep it locked on my channel.