New Apps To Try Out

There are so many new startups coming out, its kind of hard to know which services to try out. I been jumping on and off  new services deciding which ones I want to give some burn. Maybe I’ll make this a bi weekly or monthly thing, I love sharing the wealth. I hate seeing people make there lives harder when I know there are apps out there that can help them make it a little easier. Maybe some are these are for you, maybe they aren’t. Maybe your already using some of these already, just skip it. So here are my inaugural batch for you to try. – I barely made any money using Referly, but the cool thing about this is I barely even tried to. Referly lets you earn rewards, cash, and other incentives for doing what most people always do on social networks: Refer products. Hell, I’m referring products to you in this post. They have a bunch of sites they are compatible with, but the most notable partnership has to be Amazon. An affiliate program with better user experience!


Contactually – I’m pretty good at following up emails with people. But, sometimes I lose contact with someone who I may want to catch up with every once in a while. Contactually hooks directly into my email inbox and tells me who I havent hit back in a while. They have some great features that allows you to put people into different buckets. Example: Family bucket I contact every 2 weeks, business bucket is every month, ex girlfriend bucket is every 10 years. – Well is a cool ass looking to-do list application. Its pretty simple, and easy to pick up on and allows you to collaborate with friends on certain lists. I havent spent much time on Well, but I know it would be useful for many people.


Pocket – Pocket is my new app for train rides and night time reading. I catch an article on Twitter, no time to read it just pocket it using the Chrome plugin and then read it later on my way home from Penn Station. It’s still number 2 to my Kindle app, but its a very close number 2.