Why Aren’t Rappers Taking Advantage Of Rap Genius?

Music labels and artists are always looking for the next big thing to engage with fans. If you want to win the fight for mind share then your definitely on Twitter, your definitely making vlogs, and your most certainly on Facebook. So if everybody is doing the same thing why not add another engagement tool to your arsenal?

In comes Rap Genius. Its a new kind of lyrics site that allows fans to decipher the meaning behind their favorite rap lyrics. The more lyrics they define, the more points they earn etc. I think know that if a artist were to use this along side their other channels it would impact their numbers.

I’m mostly a browser myself. I like to go over the Joe Budden’s 8 minute songs, and check out lines I didn’t quite understand. Example: “If all i’m hearing is sounds of blackness, why am I pessimistic?” I would never understand that line otherwise.

Rap Genius already offers verified accounts to official rappers and VIP’s such as Ben Horowitz. There are many rappers already using the platform, but they could be doing much more I feel. Especially during an album release. There are millions of fans on this site every month, It shouldn’t even be a debate.

I don’t only want to pick on the rappers, some of your favorite hiphop news sites, blogs, and publications should hop in on the fun as well.