Need A Startup Idea? Do This One Thing

Right now im building Converge. But that doesn’t stop me from researching for my new tech startup. I wanted to take a new approach, an approach that I learned from many mentors and previous mistakes. What is it? Asking questions.

Seems like common sense right? Its not. See most people come up with ideas, but those ideas aren’t validated. Thats why I don’t mind giving my ideas away, because essentially they are worthless. Whats more important are problems. You can find out an idea for your next startup by talking to your customers first. For the last 2 months thats exactly what I have been doing.

Being a game journalist for a few years has given me a huge database of contacts within the industry from many different verticals. So I decided to start emailing the PR professionals and asking them questions about their process.

Whats the hardest part of your job?

Is their something you do every day that you wish was easier?

I’d invite them to have a phone conversation with me after emailing back and forth. Whats great about this is you actually form real friendships. Most of the prospects I spoke to are really cool people, and we have much more in common than just video game marketing.

Every conversation brings me closer and closer to the problem I need to solve. One person was even ready to spend money right away. Giving me the ability to actually pre sell something I havent even built yet. Crazy right?

You’d be surprised how many opportunities are available if you just open your eyes a bit. So find a niche, and start asking questions. This will be covered more in-depth in “The Phat Startup” book releasing early 2013.