How To Record Skype Interviews

I have a few interviews I have yet to release, it’s almost like im addicted to talking to people. But, every time we drop one on I usually get an email or text about how I did it. It’s not rocket science and I learned these simple steps from others, most of this information can be easily “googled.” But I decided to go ahead and show people how I record Skype interviews anyway, from my perspective. Warning: Mac Version only, I do provide alternative software for Windows users.

Can You Hear Me Now?

1. First and most importantly, get a good microphone. I still see Youtube clips and hear podcasts with horrible audio. If you have horrible audio, your guest better be the President or the Pope. Otherwise people will tune out in a matter of seconds. The mic I use and have been using for years is the Blue “Snowball.” Its sturdy, has clear audio, and I love the Blue brand. Any mic that records clear would do though.

2. A pair of headphones. I made this mistake plenty of times, but always wear headphones. If you want the headphones to be less visible get the in ear ones. You wear headphones because you only want the mic to pick up your voice. Don’t worry about the audio from the computer, the software I recommend below will get your guest, your mic is only for your voice.

Can You See Me Now?

3. Webcam. I use a Macbook Pro so im good to go. I do realize that someone reading this may not have a webcam or want to opt out for a more visually appealing one. Just make sure its clear.

4. Download Ecamm. Ecamm allows you to record the actual Skype call. Make sure you have the right settings selected however. Heres a capture of my settings:

Windows users can alternatively get: Vodburner

Time To Edit & Upload

5. Once you are done recording the interview you have your choice of what to use to edit the video. I use either Adobe Premiere or just plain old iMovie. For Windows users I read the Vodburner has editing features built in, So thats convient. If you need help learning how to edit movies search youtube for tutorials or look for resources on the softwares official website.

6. Upload to Youtube, Vimeo, everywhere. Get famous. Most important step!

Want more details? Think I should do a more in depth course on how to do this? Just email me and let me know. I might put something together and throw it up on Udemy.

  • Moor-Quaran

    How do I get it to record voicemail playback automatically?

    • Anthony Frasier

      thats not a feature im familiar with unfortunately. Are you talking about playing an independent sound clip during the interview?