A small update

Nothing worth having is easy to get. Its been a crazy 4th quarter, I love a challenge though. I plan to highlight all of the lessons learned in my book “The Phat Startup” dropping 1st quarter of 2013.

– I started working on a new web application project name: Livelite. Nothing much to say about that right now, just that we are coding up a MVP and I can’t wait to share it. I interviewed so many professionals looking to solve their problem. It’s aimed at enterprise and small business owners, so unsexy.

– Still looking at some potential locations for our Converge space.

– Check out my new article on BlackEnterprise.com: 6 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Consider Newark

– Also, for my non-technical readers out there that don’t quite know what a tech startup is I put together a very basic overview that you can view/download here. The video version is coming soon for this as well.

I also have some new posts lined up for the blog, stay tuned.