5 Sites To Create a Landing Page For Non-Coders

5 Sites To Create a Landing Page For Non-Coders

Every year is a big “learn how to code” year. I still believe it’s important to learn how to code, but now it’s far from being a reason not to start something. I feel like creating a landing page is a great way to start validating an idea. I emphasize ‘start validating’ because some people get stuck at this stage, and depending on your product it may not provide enough validated learning. A landing page is not a MVP, its one of many things you can do. When teaching people these strategies, I always get the “I can’t code” or “don’t know where to start” push back. So I compiled 5 websites that can get you a landing page up and running in a hour or incredibly less.

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I’m a big fan of the founder of LeadPages Clay Collins. He comes from a successful internet marketing background, so much of his past before starting LeadPages involved….creating landing pages. Because of his experience he knows exactly how to make it easy for someone to create a landing page with the least technical knowledge ever. LeadPages is literally point and click and comes with a wealth of templates, new ones released every single week. I would suggest if you are someone who continuously releases digital products online, then LeadPages is for you. The pricing is a subscription based $37 a month. As awesome as this product is, if you just need one landing page I would try some of the other options below.


LaunchRock is perfect is you want to go viral. They go by the motto “We Get Users” because that’s what they do really well. Once users sign up for your page, LaunchRock makes it easy for you to run a competition that will reward the person that gets the most referrals. So For about 2 years it was impossible to find a new startup not using LaunchRock to kick start their idea. It comes with several responsive (mobile optimized) templates and easy to customize. Its also free 🙂

Check out my interview w/ LaunchRock founder Jameson Detweiler exclusively on The Phat Startup.


Unbounce was the first landing page creation site I discovered. It also comes with a very easy point and click setup process like the others. One thing Unbounce does really well that separates itself from the bunch is A/B tests. What is A/B tests? A/B tests is a test that allows you to have two different versions that lead to the same result. So you may have a landing page with a dog background as page “A”, and one with a cat as “B”. You can see which one is getting the better response when Unbounce randomly sends visitors to either page when they land on your site. They have a free version of their product, but upgrades are necessary for some features.


Strikingly has flexibility. I can’t imagine myself ever using a landing page without some type of email capture, but its common. Strikingly allows you to make a mobile optimized one page site for almost anything, from a signup form to an event. Strikingly looks the best on mobile out of all the sites I mention in this post, but their editor, while easy, isn’t as robust as LeadPages or Unbounce. Strikingly is also free to start, with the option to upgrade for more features.


I thought I would make this last one different. Leanpub is perfect for all you aspiring authors and writers out there who want to create a landing page specifically for a book. I discovered this site doing research on Lean Startup, and even discovered Mr. Lean Startup himself Eric Ries used the site. They allow you to push and promote a book you haven’t even finished yet, and give you the ability to collect and learn price points your customers are willing to pay for it. So if your reading this and have a book idea, try it out. It’s Free.

While all these options are good, they aren’t the only ones. Feel free to drop any noteworthy sites I might have missed in the comments below. Do remember: There’s a million ways to launch, choose one.

  • Great post, Anthony! Thanks for the link back to my post.

  • Great post! Thanks for sharing. You might be interested in the post I just did…where I talk about 10 eCommerces tools that I recommend: kaivandave.com/10-ecommerce-websites-tools/

    Let me know if you’d like me to add any cool tools that you use!


  • Tyson Quick

    I’m curious why http://Instapage.com is not on the list?

  • Carolina Di Pietro

    Hi Anthony! Excellent post! I would like to add LanderApp. It’s an easy platform to build Landing Pages for different goals. I invite you to take a look at your website http://landerapp.com/. Kind regards!

  • Anthony, awesome post man! I would challenge you though to take another look at http://www.instapage.com , after some crazy growth, recent updates and a ton of great reviews, the landing page builder community is changing 100%. Thanks again for the awesome breakdown and if you would like a personal walk through, shoot me a message eric at instapage dot com 🙂

  • ewebcraft.com

    Do you know http://www.olanding.com has landing pages templates that can be used in Instapage, Unbounce, And specially WordPress.

  • Cory A. Jones

    Thanks for sharing these links and descriptions. I appreciate this type of referral. You’ve provided some context.

  • Robert Szeles

    Launchrock is horrible. I have designed websites for years and their page builder was so clunky and then buggy (the screen suddenly turned gray on every page of their site and I couldn’t do anything) that I gave up in 10 minutes. Then, when I tried to delete my account (while logged in), it said I was logged out. When I tried to log in, it said my email or password was incorrect. If I didn’t know better, I would think the entire site was a scam. Shameful!