Faith Without Works Is Dead

I’m as patient as they come, but sometimes when something clicks in me I ask myself “damn, why couldn’t I have figured this out earlier?” But I accept the way life comes, because everything surely does happen for a reason. Lately I been somewhat addicted to James Altucher blogs and Jim Rohn audio tapes. I connect with them. They come from places where I have been, and even where i’m currently at mentally, physically, and even financially. To “choose yourself” as James would say is to not let the world put you in the rat race, and to take hold of your destination. You can’t just say it, you need a daily practice that stimulates you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

There were times in my life when obstacles got so hard I would get down on my knees and pray: “God, why me?”, “God, please help”, “God, give me this or give me that” you get the point. Little did I know all the things I was asking for was already given to me…..and you. See we are born chosen, its the reason we are even breathing. Its the reason you are alive, God chose you. The only thing left was for you to choose yourself. And that my friends requires a little work.

See we can wish a bunch of things. Make a bunch of resolutions. Set a bunch of goals. But then we think just because they are written down, we are done. There is no magical fairy here to make your dreams come true. The magical part is already done the moment you dreamed it, you have to now put in that work to make it a reality. I realized anytime I had gotten anything significant accomplished, that rang true. Most of the times when I fell short, I was probably drained from one of the four daily practices.

When faith and works come together its a beautiful thing. It’s happiness in a ball.

Now i’m not saying all work is good work. That’s for us to figure out what work matters that brings us closer to our goals. I’m not saying work hard 24/7 grind. I’m saying work smart. This isn’t only advice to you, this is advice to myself too. I learned how to sleep better, and because of that i’m even more woke.

Jim Rohn had a great quote that defines me going into 2014 “Don’t wish for less problems. Wish for more skills.” Its all about self improvement. Being a better son/brother, being a better entrepreneur/founder/partner, being more healthy, being more skillful in more areas, etc. I won’t be the same, i’ll be better. So the goals I set will only be around becoming a better version of myself, having faith, and working hard. The most less materialistic goals I have ever set in my entire life.

So there is my new years post. Not so much techie, but I wanted to share.

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Wishing you a great 2014!