In order to win, learn how to lose

It’s easy for someones success to look overnight. When I see someone gaining success, I always try to imagine what their journey was like. The struggle, the sleepless nights, the empty bank accounts, mountains of debt, relationships lost, this list could go on. That person learned how to lose!

So why embrace losing? Well, i’m not embracing losing, rather redefining it. 2014 has been a year of much progress for me, but only because I figured out how to lose as well. I just replaced the word lose with grow. When that investor passed on my pitch, I grew. When that relationship didn’t quite work out well, I grew. When I spent all night working on a product launch, and nobody paid attention to it, I grew. Did you grow?

When you grow, you turn into rubber, you bounce back bigger and better. When you don’t grow your turn into glass, breaks on impact. The only thing we can’t control is the fall, that will happen whether we like it or not. However, it’s our choice whether we want to be rubber or glass.

So when I see someone become extremely successful I see someone who used to be glass, but now is rubber. They learned how to lose. I know this isn’t enough information though, how do you truly grow from failure and bounce back? The short answer is you focus on personal development.

James Altucher is a great influence on my outlook on life these days. I developed my own version of his daily practice routine, and it has helped me get out of slumps (more on this in my book). I think it works because it forces you to focus on yourself more, and things you can’t control, less.

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