How To Make Networking Worth It

Back when I first decided I wanted to be an entrepreneur, the biggest advice I got was to go networking. I’m sure you hear this all the time.

So that’s what I did. I went to meetup groups, conferences, business lunches, and collected tons of business cards. When I got home they sat on the desk for a day or two before I followed up with them. Sound familiar? Networking was easy, activating the network is where the real magic is.

When you activate your network, that’s when it indeed becomes worth something. I learned to never network expecting to receive, but to give. Provide value.

What’s value in networking?

  • Book recommendations.
  • Helping someone out with a hard question.
  • Making introductions to others you feel they need to meet.
  • Sending articles or information that could help their business.

At heart, looking to be the most helpful person that you can be. Expecting nothing in return. That’s the fun part, because there is always a return.

I can attribute most of my wins in my journey today from the activation of my network. It could have been an interaction from 6 years ago, or even 6 days ago. It doesn’t matter, value has no expiry.

You have to be a blessing, to get one. Increase your net worth today.

This was originally an email sent to our TPS subscribers.