The Washington Post Praises My AT&T Ad

This year I was featured in a AT&T commercial that aimed to highlight African American tech entrepreneurs. It was a honor to be selected, and i’m forever grateful to AT&T for choosing me.

The spot so far has caught a lot of attention. If you are reading this it’s probably because you saw the spot during Empire on FOX, Love & Hip Hopon VH1, BET, or on TVONE.

Millions of people saw it, and so many have reached out wanting to know more.  Joining my email list is the best way to do that (look at the top of the sidebar).

The spot is actually being praised by The Washington Post, and for the right reasons.

Whether AT&T intended it or not, I’d actually argue that “Seeing Stars” does something even more powerful than simply spotlighting Johnson, Frasier and Bledsoe as individuals. The ad gives us a 30-second peek into an alternate vision of the tech industry, one dominated not by white men but by African American men and women

Definitely check out the rest of the article here.