Fake It ‘Til You Make It: The Art of Pre-Selling

You are already pre-selling, you just don’t know it (or maybe you do). Your profile on social media, the way you dress, the way you talk, and even the way you walk is pre-selling. As a startup founder, you are constantly in sales mode. When you walk into a networking event with potential investors, your pitch is pretty much either the confirmation of what they already thought of you or the nail in the coffin.

However, the art of pre-selling goes beyond personal appearances. Pre-selling is the exact thing many startups need to determine whether or not they actually have a viable idea. Could you be so bold to offer an idea you haven’t built yet in exchange for commitments or money? If no one is willing to actually take money out of their wallet and pay for it, why bother? At least, get an email address!


The DJ Khaled Key to Self Confidence

DJ Khaled’s rise to popularity on Snapchat is fueled by his motivational messages, he calls them “keys to success.” Sure some of these keys are just silly jokes, but I truly feel Khaled is keeping it real most of the time. He is fully aware he has become a meme and cashed in on it with his We The Best online shop. The store sold out of product after just one week of being live.

Khaled loves to talk about “They.” He says things like, “They don’t want you to win”, “They don’t want you to eat”, “They don’t want you to have success” or “watch out for They“. They have become the world’s biggest group of haters. Clearly in order for you to become successful in life, you have to know how to handle They. But I’m about to reveal a real key about They.


Email is King: Get Started Building Your List

Building an email list is one of the most critical factors for your startup, as entrepreneurs rely more and more on digital marketing to generate and increase sales. Some say cash is king. Well, now email is king when it comes to building a business online. Creating an email list based on your target market is one of the first priorities when you’re starting. Email lists not only have higher conversion rates, they also act as an owned media resource providing full control to the owner.

In other words, if Facebook, Twitter, or any place where you build a following disappears, you will still have your list. Use it anytime you want, at the launch of new product/service or when offering discounts at special occasions, to get instant results.


6 Morning Routines That Will Make You Unstoppable

A solid morning routine is crucial if you want to be successful. Without morning routines, you can go a full 24 hours unmotivated, attracting bad people, getting upset over small things, depressed, and so much more. That’s not a good way to hustle.

Everyone is different, so you have to try different things. I figured the best people to borrow morning routines from are the most successful people in the world. Why not? They are allowed the same 24 hours as you.

So what are they doing right that most people are getting wrong? It all starts in the morning. Here are a few pieces that will help you put yours together.