The 12 Laws of Success According to Diddy

You ever ask someone for advice, and it’s just way too simple for you to believe it works? Sometimes things aren’t as complicated as our minds would like us to believe. Enter Diddy, who gives out pretty basic tips on how to succeed. I published a very small ebook a few years ago with James Lopez about Diddy. We spent an entire day & night consuming as much Diddy content to find the clues to his success. Our goal was to copy his state of mind and hustle.

There were a few topics and quotes that just kept coming up. So we packaged it up in 12 very simple fundamental keys to his success. We put it at the end of the book, and listed them as “diddyisms.” Here they are for your enjoyment and road to being a mogul.

Lock in on Your Dreams and Have Extreme Focus on Your Goals

Get rid of anything and anyone who will distract you away from your goal. Having focusĀ is a key measure of success. Read your goals every day, and make sure they are realistic. Think A to B, not A to Z.

Don’t Go Backwards, Always Move Forward

Don’t worry about your mistakes so much. Stay focused on progress and moving forward. This doesn’t only apply to mistakes but relationships and other situations as well. Keep everything moving.

Have Incredible Belief in Yourself, and Your Abilities

This is one of Diddy’s strongest qualities. If you don’t believe in yourself, then nothing will ever work. You can’t rely on what your friends and family feel about you. As a hustler, there will be times where the only support system you have is your own self-belief.

Run Marathons, Don’t Sprint

Everything takes time. Take time to understand what you have to do to achieve a goal or complete a task. Be smart. Marathon runners always get to their destination, and they run for miles. Sprinters will burn out, lose energy quickly, and never make it to where they want to go.

It’s Not About How You Start, It’s About the Overall Race

Don’t worry about the mistakes you make early in the game. You shouldn’t let the fear of failure stop you from starting either. Self-improvement is the smartest investment someone can make. Learn how to get better at your craft and finish strong.

Don’t Make Risky Decisions, Make Smart Decisions

Do your research. Think things through thoroughly. Don’t make decisions based on emotions, hype, trends, or friends. Do your own homework before deciding.

Positive Attracts Positive, Negative Attracts Negative

You’re always a reflection of the people you hang around. The people you hang around is also a factor in whether you will be successful or happy. Keep positive people and experiences around you at all times.

Don’t Worry About What Anyone Else Is Doing, Use Your Time on Yourself

Don’t envy anyone. Keep your mind on your own progress and what you are doing. Time is the most precious thing you have as a hustler, so spend it on your next goal.

If You Can’t Do the Little Job, You Can Never Get to the Big Job

Know your hustle inside and out. If you don’t know how to do the small things, how can you ever teach someone to do it? Your time is everything, so you should learn how to do the small jobs, so you can focus on the big ones. This is also a great reminder to be patient. You have to grind your way to the top, it’s not overnight.

If You Want Something Bad Enough, You’ll Do Whatever It Takes

Diddy believes there is no ego when it comes to getting money. You have to be able to put yourself out there and not care what anyone thinks. Be bold!

You Get out of the Game, What You Put Into It

You can’t party all day, then expect the success of Diddy. Stop looking at music videos thinking that success comes without work. When the cameras are off, it is back to work. Go hard or go to sleep.

Keep Dreaming, but Know When to Wake Up

It’s OK to have a dream, but you have to know what it’s going to take to make those dreams a reality. So know when to wake up and get to work!

I can’t guarantee these laws will get you to levels of Diddy success. But, I can definitely guarantee that you will be on top of your game, and way more effective. If you liked these laws make sure you hit up Diddy himself and let him know.

Good Luck!

Image by Jason Horning