How To Build A 200k Social Media Army With Alex Wolf

Instagram is the ‘wild wild west’, is what one of our past guests Ross Simmonds proclaimed. So I had to go get someone who has figured out the social media game, to come and school us on how to dominate it. Alex Wolf is the founder of BossBabe Inc., a network of young business women online. Alex has built a dedicated and passionate tribe of over 200k women. BossBabe provides monthly training and master classes that help these women become business owners and self-aware.

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Here is what I learned:

  • Self-mastery is a major key. Know when something is out of tune in your life. What in life do you need to improve? Relationships, money, etc. The key to being a better entrepreneur is self-awareness, but Alex takes it a step further and says you need to jump into self-mastery.
  • On social media don’t attract followers, try to attract leaders. These will be your earliest supporters because they aren’t following you because it’s cool to follow you. You may have only 10 followers, and they are the ones that are still passionate about what you have to say, or what you are building. These leaders are the catalyst to your growth. Some call them brand ambassadors or early adopters.
  • Be relatable as memes when you are marketing. Memes are so niche and yet so relevant to so many people. When building your business or social media following you want to key into a message that resonates with a niche audience. This will not only make you stand out, you will realize the number of people who relate to it is much larger than you assume.
  • Read as much about management, as you do about money. No matter what anyone says, you need a great team to be successful. It can be a team of 2, 5 or 20, it’s still a team. Learning how to create a process and work with people will fast track you to a better company, and even a better less stressful state of mind. A mentor once told me you won’t make any money until you learn how to multiply yourself.

Things we talked about:

BossBabe Official site

BossBabe Instagram

Alex Twitter

All Marketers Are Liars by Seth Godin

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  • Mr. Anthony Frasier what is up, Mike Kawula here bud and LOVED this episode. You haven’t changed sir, always keeping it real and bringing the gold. Love Alex’s story, advice and her passion like yours. Great nugget on the Memes. Why recreate the wheel. Keep up the hustle and wishing you the best ~ mike

    • Thanks mike. Just the beginning. i still remember all the advice you gave. going into action. Much love.

  • Money Making Mitch

    First off I want to say I love what you’re doing here. A lot of what was mention here I have crossed in my path as well. I must say the book “Tribes-Seth Goden” completely changed my way of thinking. Also Gary Vaynerchuk is a wealth of knowledge for me in this field.

    I would definately suggest you trying to connect with him especially since he is in your city.

    Thank you for this post it was of much value(relate able young Black male who wants to make a the new way) to me and I plan to follow alexis as well.

    Keep it up “You never know who is watching”