Should Entrepreneurs Only Date Other Entrepreneurs With Justin Gerrard

The most common way people meet these days is now online. As a special Valentines day episode, I wanted to help make those who are having a hard time meeting someone lives a bit easier. I’m joined by Justin Gerrard, co-founder of BAE, a new popular dating app. He gives tips on how to not fumble in the online dating world and some solid entrepreneur relationship advice.

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Here is what I learned:

  • Most people meet online these days. So if you’re single there is a 1 and 3 chance you will find your significant other through a dating app or a social media network.
  • Pictures online, especially dating sites should tell a story. It should be somewhat of a conversation starter. Don’t do things like putting a wedding ring in a picture, or taking shots with other women/men. Instant rejection.
  • Don’t write novels on your profile description. People don’t need to see your life story, dating sites are not blogs. Interesting concept though right? Make your intentions known about what you are looking for, and keep it drama free.
  • You should find someone who wants to see you win. Usually that’s someone who understands the lifestyle of an entrepreneur. Even if that person isn’t an entrepreneur, there are ways they can contribute to your grind (and vice versa). Find that person, and you’ll end up much happier.



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