There’s No Success in Business, If There’s Failure in Family with James Lopez

I come with bittersweet news. We have decided to shut down The Phat Startup. Why? The keyword for this post is family. I decided to move all the operations under my name and continue the work of empowering and inspiring new innovators from diverse communities. My co-founder James Lopez has a different passion he wants to focus on and that’s raising his kids. So he is working on a new platform that can buy cheap valium.

In this episode, we discuss the “failure” of The Phat Startup, and what drove us down that path. You will hear us talk about the good ole days and how much fun we had. But, just in case you want to skip to the end, I gathered two strong lessons from this particular interview below.

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Here is what I learned:

  • You can’t seek balance. You have to decide what is priority and stick to it. In James case priority was family, so every decision became easy once he decided what was more important. What are you trying to seek balance with today? Figuring out that equation is eating up precious time and energy that could be used for conquering your goals.
  • Don’t procrastinate. When you don’t give something 120% full effort, you will find out you actually lost time in other areas of your life. For James, he was losing time with his kids, because he got caught in a game of catch up for business. This could apply to entrepreneurs keeping up with their health goals and side projects. Don’t lose time on other areas of your life because you got lazy in one.

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