Get Paid To Be Yourself With Julian Mitchell

We live in the best time to be an entrepreneur. The gatekeepers are becoming irrelevant. The best part is you can build a life making money how you want if you have the right amount of hustle. On today’s show, I feature writer and entrepreneur Julian Mitchell on what it takes to get paid to be yourself. How dope is that? We dig into the tactics and the psychology behind making a living by being you.

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Here is what I learned:

  • Do things that fulfill you. The essence of getting paid to be yourself is doing things you actually enjoy and not settling.
  • The brand is the “Why?” It’s the core of who you are. Knowing your “why” helps you produce the best content and even recognize your own unique talent.
  • Identify your values. Take inventory on what you care about. Never underestimate the power of you own personal perspective. Sure you can read a ton of books, but what’s YOUR truth? Don’t assume people won’t care to hear what you have to say.
  • How to discover your talent. Look at the things you do naturally that has ambien no prescription.
  • You get paid for your value, not your time. The number of years you put into a project doesn’t matter as much as the impact you create with it. When creating, keep in mind the amount of value you are providing to people. It always pays for itself directly, and indirectly. You can read more about this in my book.
  • Don’t suffer from the fear of your own greatness. Live up to the moment. The largest thing in the way of you building a business around you, is you.


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  • Ernest Duncan

    I can relate to doing things that fulfill you. I was stuck in a cycle of pleasing others to the detriment of allowing my own light to shine. Now I take great joy in doing things that make me happy.

    • Happy to hear that Ernest! Everything happens for a reason, so that cycle you went through has many lessons im sure you are applying to the present as well.

  • I needed to hear these words.