Making Crazy Ideas Work With Jason Mowatt

Can crazy ideas change the world? I believe so. This week I speak with Trap Karaoke founder Jason Mowatt. His latest venture Trap Karaoke is proof that crazy ideas can not only work, but build communities. Jason is one of the deepest thinkers, and quickest action takers I know. So my goal was to get listeners in a masterclass of gems and life hacks.

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What we learned:

  • Don’t sleep on yourself – That silly idea that you came up with is the beginning of a much larger journey. Take it seriously. Test, experiment, and measure. You may be surprised at the results.
  • No one is really that smart – Everybody has the same color blood. Don’t doubt yourself because of a lack of resources, education, and connections. Creativity is the best asset.
  • Don’t think, execute – Many ideas go to the graveyard because we think ourselves out of it. If you took an approach that put ideas into action a lot quicker, you’ll get further. Eliminate the bottlenecks.
  • Marketing should be filled with insight – My personal equations is “Content + Quality + Distribution.” Jason follows a similar pattern when approaching the topic of marketing. The content should be on point. Quality is determined by the information and transformation given to the receiver. Distribution is getting it in front of the right person.
  • Finding partners is much like finding love – You never want to be with someone who doesn’t share the same values as you. It should be mutually beneficial.  He also measures a person by how they treat someone who can’t do anything for them. Major key.
  • Be the apple tree – Don’t worry if someone steals an idea from you. Apple trees lose apples all the time, but they also keep producing them. If you are the source of greatness, you can keep recreating it.
  • “Multitasking is for the birds” – Stay focused.
  • Create mental models – This was perhaps the most valuable thing I learned in a while. Create a check list for challenges in your life and in your business. When we face challenges we are immediately emotional creatures, you can’t help it you’re human. When we are emotional we forget things and react in unexpected ways. By having a set of actions already determined, we can make sure that we are logical when we are most emotional.


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