A Story About Defining Yourself With Mike Philson

I rarely have a podcast where I want someone to just tell their story. I met Mike a few years ago, and his story always amazed me. Here was this guy from the same neighborhood as me, talks like me, walks like me, and achieving so many great things in his life. I invited Mike to my office to just build with me, then I just decided to turn on the mic. With his permission I turned our meeting into a podcast. This is a great story about defining yourself, and how far you can go, staying who you are inside.

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What we learned:

  • Define yourself – Going to Harvard and Wall Street could have easily changed Mike from who he truly was. But, he decided early on he wouldn’t let those things influence who he was and make him forget where he was from. Much of his career success came from the fact he was different. Embrace it.
  • The power of mentorship – Getting people in your corner to help guide you is crucial for anyone. Mike was lucky enough to get put into mentorship programs as a youth. I personally hacked mentorship. I used podcasts like this and books when I didn’t have a direct relationship with successful people who could teach me.
  • Get grounded – Having your spirit right and developing a solid foundation will lead you to success in any endeavor. Success is more than material things.
  • Create real visualizations – People love to talk about “The Secret” and “Law of Attraction.” I personally believe that you do attract success by visualizing it, but only when combined with hustle. Mike took trips to Wall Street and Ivy League schools before he got in. It made it more than just dreaming, he made the visuals real by actually placing himself there. We can order generic buspirone. I actually chill¬†near places I see myself living for the purpose of visualizing. You get what you expect.
  • The biggest lesson he learned from millionaire mentors – Create value for other people. I talk about this all the time, so it’s cool to hear it confirmed by so many successful people. You can never lose if you are constantly of service. This podcast, my book, my talks, my blogs, all are aimed at helping you boss up. What can you start or improve on today that helps others win?


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  • I listened to this the other day, so many facts here. When Mike explained how you need to stop just wanting things and put something out there to help people it was so true.