The Recipe For A Great Story With Ricky Yean

Don’t hold back when promoting your company or products. One media source is not the key to success (except for Oprah). Holding back or being complacent has cost me opportunities and money. Today I speak with Ricky Yean CEO and founder of two companies that helps you promote yourself, Crowdbooster and PRX. Ricky tells me about all the mistakes entrepreneurs make when crafting a story for the world.

I had the opportunity to interview Ricky before about his past, experience with Y Combinator, and being a new CEO. Check it out here.


Your Personal Life Isn’t Your Personal Brand With Rakia Reynolds

Rakia Reynolds is founder and CEO of Skai Blue Media a full service communications agency based in Philadelphia. She works with notable brands and stars like Serena Williams, Ashley Graham, and many more. I met Rakia when she gave a talk at my Tech808 conference, and ever since she has been an inspiration to me. I interviewed Rakia on a number of topics that include PR, branding, and personal value creation. I needed help, but I wanted to share the wealth with you guys.

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