The Recipe For A Great Story With Ricky Yean

Don’t hold back when promoting your company or products. One media source is not the key to success (except for Oprah). Holding back or being complacent has cost me opportunities and money. Today I speak with Ricky Yean CEO and founder of two companies that helps you promote yourself, Crowdbooster and PRX. Ricky tells me about all the mistakes entrepreneurs make when crafting a story for the world.

I had the opportunity to interview Ricky before about his past, experience with Y Combinator, and being a new CEO. Check it out here.

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What we learned:

  • Everybody is doing media today. You have to have a story/product that is unique and can stand out. In my opinion, if you can’t beat em join em. Every entrepreneur should become their own media platform.
  • Distribution is tricky. Learn what works on each channel and platform. You can repurpose content, but don’t confuse repurposing with plain old copying and pasting. The way you distribute on Reddit is way different from the way you distribute on Facebook. Learn the difference, and you’ll succeed.
  • Grow your audience by borrowing others. You can borrow an audience from someone simply by conducting interviews or features. Whatever influencer you’re honoring will most likely share the content and introduce your brand to a whole new set of people. Not everyone will stick around, but some may.
  • The Gatekeepers are gone. The key to getting exposure used to rely on having a connection or PR person you paid tons of money to get you in the NY Times. Not only is it easier to get into the NY times than it used to be, there are tons of media platforms that will provide way more value on a smaller scale.
  • If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I’m a huge victim of this law. Don’t assume just cause you built something, the audience for it will automatically come. You need to think it through and have a solid plan in place. You’ll thank yourself for doing it later.
  • Self-awareness is key. When I asked Ricky what keeps him on top of his game and he said simply knowing himself. Knowing your limits, knowing your strengths, knowing your challenges and more. When you are self-aware, decisions become easier.