The Keys To Loving Yourself (+ Others) With Brittney Pressley

On this episode, I called myself relationship challenged. So I decided to bring on author Brittney Pressley to teach me about how to love others, by loving myself first. Brittney is the author of two published books “Open Your Mind Before You Open Your Legs” and “Loving Inward, Living Outward, Looking Forward.” We debate on some controversial topics, as well as share laughs on a few of them.

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What we learned:

  • How you feel about yourself dictates every relationship. If your not confident, sure, positive, etc. That same energy will be pushed into your relationships. Business and personal.
  • Loving yourself is about treating yourself with material treats. Loving yourself is about how you feel from within.
  • Make a decision and live with it. No decision you make that brings you happiness should come with regret. Don’t be so consumed with timelines and comparing your path to success with others. Make the choices that bring you closer to your goals, and be satisfied with it.
  • Being good doesn’t equal being real. Just because he/she you’re dealing with is a good person, doesn’t mean they are being real with themselves. We all have issues and can only deal with them when we properly classify them.


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