How ‘Love’ Can Make You Billions With Tim Sanders

This episode I sit down with multiple NY Times Bestselling author Tim Sanders. Tim wrote one of the first books I read on entrepreneurship called “Love Is The Killer App.” We talk about the philosophy behind the book. Tim also takes us back in time and gives us tips on how we can be like Mark Cuban before he made his billions. Tim was there every step of the way. Enjoy!

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Building an Empire Together w/ Jeff & Kalisa

Be a boss, date a boss, build an empire. I’d have several empires if I had a dollar for every time I have seen that meme recreated on every social media platform. People are in love with the idea of building a business and legacy with the woman/man of their dreams. That meme has manifested itself with Jeff Belizaire and Kalisa Martin. A couple that had a dream, and built it together.

Jeff & Kalisa are the founders of the BnB The Runaway Jamaica. They launched their dream business on Kickstarter and was the first hospitality business to ever get successfully funded on the platform.


Get Paid To Be Yourself Pt. 2 (Live) With Julian Mitchell

This episode I’m joined by supervising producer of Complex Hustle Julian Mitchell. This is a sequel to our very popular first podcast. We cover a bit of Julian’s past hustle, and journey to how he was able to rise so fast from being without a dime in his pocket. We recorded this episode live in front of a studio audience, and we had a ball.

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