“THANK YOU for visiting. My mission is to inspire, motivate, and make people into better entrepreneurs. So I write, build things, and speak about overcoming mental blocks, building businesses, and making an impact. If any of those things resonate with you, let’s talk. Seriously” – Anthony (Email me)

Like you, tech entrepreneur and personal development author Anthony Frasier has seen the word success explained many times through the years. Does it require a traditional education? Is it only reserved for those with money and connections? Is hard work necessary? Or, do people just get lucky?

With well over a decade of experience in tech, media, speaking and coaching aspiring entrepreneurs and students from underserved groups, he has developed a thoroughly different world view. Anthony shares with listeners and readers that success isn’t something external, it comes from within. You can create your own luck, no matter your background or lack of experience.

In USA Today, Anthony was described as a “Translator” for his ability to relate and inform communities that are largely excluded. Anthony finds the common threads between lessons he learned in the hard streets of Newark, NJ to the innovative clusters of Silicon Valley. Anthony serves as the entrepreneur in residence of Newark Venture Partners, a fund backed by Audible/Amazon. He helps to attract innovative tech startups to Newark and incubate promising talent locally.

The author of the critically acclaimed “Don’t Dumb Down Your Greatness: A Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Thinking & Being Great”, Frasier’s motivational blueprint for young entrepreneurs of color has spread globally. His successes include AT&T, BET, Fast Company, TEDx, and The Congressional Black Caucus to name a few. Prior to Silicon Valley Anthony cofounded The Koalition, one of the first online video game publications for African Americans, and worked passionately as a journalist for several years.

Frasier also serves on the board of directors for the NY Tech Alliance, focusing on making the greater New York City area more inclusive.