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Did you just click here from Twitter? Maybe you Googled me looking to learn a bit more? Either way i’m glad you’re here, and I hope you take the time out to speak with me. I love meeting new people. If your here just to be nosy, i’m OK with that too.

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Who am I? I’m a tech entrepreneur from Newark, NJ & NYC. I love tech, video games, film, and Hip Hop. You will notice that from the things I blog, tweet, make, and….break. I feel like through tech and entrepreneurship we can transform our communities. So i’m committed to building and investing my time into opportunities that will push the envelope socially and disruptively.

I have built some apps, websites, and i’m currently working on a new type of education company for aspiring entrepreneurs called The Phat Startup. I also advise, mentor, and do some speaking at conferences and colleges.

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