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Did you just click here from Twitter? Maybe you Googled me looking to learn a bit more? Either way i’m glad you’re here, and I hope you take the time out to speak with me. I love meeting new people. If your here just to be nosy, i’m OK with that too.

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Who am I? I’m a tech entrepreneur from Newark, NJ & NYC. I love tech, video games, film, and Hip Hop. You will notice that from the things I blog, tweet, make, and….break. I feel like through tech and entrepreneurship we can transform our communities. So i’m committed to building and investing my time into opportunities that will push the envelope socially and disruptively.

I have built some apps, websites, and i’m currently working on a new type of education company for aspiring entrepreneurs called The Phat Startup. I also advise, mentor, and do some speaking at conferences and colleges.

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Someone more talented than me wrote this bio:

There are dreamers and there are doers and there are people like Anthony Frasier. Not often do you find individuals with the ability to have a vision and put it into action and he has done just that. The Newark NJ native walked into the tech scene with little to no experience and has become a trailblazer throughout the industry. Currently he is the co founder of The Phat Startup, a multi level content platform that provides insight to aspiring entrepreneurs in tech through exclusive interviews, events, and conferences. He got his start by pairing his love of gaming and technology in 2008 when he cofounded the alternative game review site TheKoalition.com.

With that experience under his belt he was able to land an internship with a startup called Bubbalon where he increased their traffic and landed key partnerships and conceptualized his next startup idea Playd. All of this momentum led him to one of his biggest breaks yet, becoming a NewMe ambassador. The first minority tech accelerator gave him the opportunity to experience life in Silicon Valley and provided him with more exposure than he ever dreamed of when he was featured and profiled in the CNN documentary Black In America. He was awarded by NBC’s the Grio 100 as one of the entrepreneurs making history in tech today and received a BOC award for his leadership and community impact.

Anthony continues on his quest of turning dreams into reality for all through various ventures in his community and beyond.