Anthony Frasier is best known for being one of the savvy founders of The Phat Startup, an integrated media company that produces resources for aspiring entrepreneurs. By leveraging Lean Startup methodology and drawing on the connections between entrepreneurship and hip hop, you can credit Frasier and his team for successfully selling out events to speaker series that highlight some of the best minds in business. His work has been featured on hit media outlets and documentaries such as Black Enterprise, Black Entertainment Television (BET), Black In America (CNN), CNN Money, and NBC’s The Grio. He has been invited to speak for leading brands in the tech space, which include Penny Arcade Expo, Lean Startup Conference, SXSW, and the Greater Newark Enterprises Corporation.

A serial entrepreneur, Frasier was the creator of a mobile startup called Playd and established an award-winning gaming site called The Koalition. As a freelance consultant, he advises, consults and coaches startups and small businesses on their product visions, business development efforts and social and digital media initiatives to propel their endeavors forward.

Outside of his work in the startup and entrepreneurial scene, you can find him actively involved in promoting a positive community impact for aspiring tech entrepreneurs in Newark, New Jersey as the creator of BrickCity Tech. His philanthropic initiatives have been recognized by the Business Outreach Center, where he was granted the Award for Entrepreneurship and Community Impact in 2012.




Did you just click here from Twitter? Maybe you Googled me looking to learn a bit more? Either way i’m glad you’re here, and I hope you take the time out to speak with me. I love meeting new people. If your here just to be nosy, i’m OK with that too.

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Who am I? I’m a tech entrepreneur from Newark, NJ & NYC. I love tech, video games, film, and Hip Hop. You will notice that from the things I blog, tweet, make, and….break. I feel like through tech and entrepreneurship we can transform our communities. So i’m committed to building and investing my time into opportunities that will push the envelope socially and disruptively.

I have built some apps, websites, and i’m currently working on a new type of education company for aspiring entrepreneurs called The Phat Startup. I also advise, mentor, and do some speaking at conferences and colleges.

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