Email is King: Get Started Building Your List

Building an email list is one of the most critical factors for your startup, as entrepreneurs rely more and more on digital marketing to generate and increase sales. Some say cash is king. Well, now email is king when it comes to building a business online. Creating an email list based on your target market is one of the first priorities when you’re starting. Email lists not only have higher conversion rates, they also act as an owned media resource providing full control to the owner.

In other words, if Facebook, Twitter, or any place where you build a following disappears, you will still have your list. Use it anytime you want, at the launch of new product/service or when offering discounts at special occasions, to get instant results. Read more >>

6 Morning Routines That Will Make You Unstoppable

A solid morning routine is crucial if you want to be successful. Without morning routines, you can go a full 24 hours unmotivated, attracting bad people, getting upset over small things, depressed, and so much more. That’s not a good way to hustle.

Everyone is different, so you have to try different things. I figured the best people to borrow morning routines from are the most successful people in the world. Why not? They are allowed the same 24 hours as you.

So what are they doing right that most people are getting wrong? It all starts in the morning. Here are a few pieces that will help you put yours together. Read more >>

15 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read Today

I love when people ask me to recommend books. I compare books to video game cheat codes. Whenever you are playing a video game, and reach a level that is too hard, you usually go searching for a strategy guide or a cheat code. Books are to life what cheat codes are to video games. Why spend all this time, trying to solve a problem that someone else has been through and solved for you? Entrepreneurship has a ton of challenges, and as an entrepreneur, you don’t usually have the luxury of time to figure things out. So, I created this guide of books every entrepreneur should read. Read more >>

3 month goals

Why 3 Month Goals Are Better, and How to Create Them

Goals used to frustrate me. Nothing is worse than starting a fresh year with so much optimism, and then just running out of gas halfway through. Year after year, I experimented with different systems to figure this goal thing out. But then I finally discovered what I was doing wrong. I kept confusing my mission and vision with my goals. Focusing only on your vision which is long term, will leave you stressed out and confused about next steps in the short term. Enter 3-month goals.

I read The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran, studied Lisa Nichols, and researched many of the 90-day sprint methods by performance coach Todd Herman. It just made so much sense to me. Why focus on the next 12 months, just focus on the next 12 weeks. This action will help you develop a laser-like trajectory for achievable goals. The best part is you don’t ever lose sight of your overall mission and vision. Read more >>

How to Leave a Lasting Impression on People

I accomplished one of my personal goals this year. This particular goal was to leave a lasting impression on every person I came across. I wanted to inspire, bring increase, and value to as many lives as possible. Why is this important? When you are genuine and good, you attract that back in your life. I truly believe in karma, and you generate tons of good karma helping people. Good karma brings you new opportunities, great relationships, motivation, and abundance.

I went to a networking event tonight, and the room was filled with people I met at various moments through the year. I was almost surprised when every person that recognized me, told me about something I said that they remembered, or had helped them. It felt really good to hear that, especially since that was my intention. Read more >>

How to give a presentation people will remember

“His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti
He’s nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready to drop bombs,
But he keeps on forgetting what he wrote down,
The whole crowd goes so loud
He opens his mouth, but the words won’t come out
He’s choking how, everybody’s joking now
The clock’s run out, time’s up, over, bloah!” – Eminem

I just finished giving a TEDx talk at Barnard College in NYC. During the process of researching, writing, practicing and finally performing my talk, I learned a ton of lessons. I gave talks before, but preparing for this one was different and challenging. Read more >>

Hustle + Opportunity + Optimism = Luck

When I was 16 years old I met Monte Lipman, the President of Universal Records. His personal driver dropped him off in an all black S-Class Mercedez Benz Sedan in front of my high school. It was a Saturday, and he was the only reason I would show up to school on a Saturday. He was there to speak to students at a special career day.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember anything he said that day except for his recipe for getting lucky. It’s the recipe he says he has followed, and got him to where he is in life. So, a curious kid like myself paid close attention. Here’s what he wrote on the chalkboard. Read more >>

The Washington Post Praises My AT&T Ad

This year I was featured in a AT&T commercial that aimed to highlight African American tech entrepreneurs. It was a honor to be selected, and i’m forever grateful to AT&T for choosing me.

The spot so far has caught a lot of attention. If you are reading this it’s probably because you saw the spot during Empire on FOX, Love & Hip Hopon VH1, BET, or on TVONE.

Millions of people saw it, and so many have reached out wanting to know more.  Joining my email list is the best way to do that (look at the top of the sidebar). Read more >>

How To Make Networking Worth It

Back when I first decided I wanted to be an entrepreneur, the biggest advice I got was to go networking. I’m sure you hear this all the time.

So that’s what I did. I went to meetup groups, conferences, business lunches, and collected tons of business cards. When I got home they sat on the desk for a day or two before I followed up with them. Sound familiar? Networking was easy, activating the network is where the real magic is.

When you activate your network, that’s when it indeed becomes worth something. I learned to never network expecting to receive, but to give. Provide value. Read more >>