Here Is Why You Will Fail

A few months ago I saw my startup die. I worked hard and long hours putting together specs, building, marketing, and sweating with my co-founders and it just ended up not working out. When I began working on this project I made a few first time entrepreneur mistakes, especially dealing with angel investors. But the worst mistake of all was working with people who weren’t as passionate about the idea as me.

I heard Amos Windbush speak last night and he had a quote that every entrepreneur should know. “There two types of people. Those that gain you energy, and those that drain your energy.” Read more >>

You Are What You Eat, And You Are Who You Follow

We live in a media heavy world filled with distractions galore. Instead of  the limited options of TV and Radio, the internet has given people more freedom over what media they want to consume. Theres just so much information available in today’s world, its like a menu at a restaurant.

What are you eating today?

Instead of going all over the place I want to focus on Twitter. Twitter I would say is my favorite social network. I don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers, I don’t even really tweet as much as I personally would like to. But Twitter gives me access to smart people. And most importantly it gives smart and connected people access to me. I’m 90% sure your reading this post after clicking on it through Twitter. Read more >>