How Breaking the Rules Helps Andre Mack Sell a Million Bottles of Wine a Year

This week I sit down with André Hueston Mack founder of Mouton Noir Wines. If you haven’t heard about him yet, stay tuned because his brand is turning into a household name. If you ever thought to yourself “this can’t be as good as it gets for me,” then this interview is specifically for you.

We learn about Andres humble beginnings working at McDonald’s, and a passionless job in the corporate world. He knew nothing about wine, got influenced watching Frasier and turned that passion into a career as a well-paid wine consultant for top restaurants. Eventually, he turned that new career into a business and now Mouton Noir is one of the top brands in the world. Read more >>

Creating Cover Stories with Forbes Senior Writer Alex Konrad

What it’s like to talk to billionaires for a living?

I met Alex Konrad a few months ago on my visit to Wall Street. I had no idea who Alex was, but I have seen and admired his work without really knowing his name. Alex has written the cover stories on many of the world’s richest people featured in Forbes magazine.

I told Alex I would love to have him speak to my community about journalism and the lessons he has learned interviewing so many titans. So I quickly fired up my laptop and recorded our conversation for the masses. Read more >>

Turning Your Passion to Six-Figure Profits With Amber Hopson

Amber Hopson has the most unique story I’ve heard on my podcast. Amber is a hair stylist, entrepreneur, internet personality, and former major label artist. We actually take a trip from her beginnings in Compton to her success opening one of the most popular salons in the Los Angeles area.

We were supposed to mainly talk about her new book “Boss Moves: What They Didn’t Teach You in Beauty School.” We ended up discussing much more. I relate to Amber so much because I grew up in a single parent home where my mother became my first glimpse of entrepreneurship. Watching her make a way for her family, made me want to embody those same traits. Amber talks about those struggles as well as how she almost walked into a strip club, but turned around and made a better choice. Read more >>

From Idea To Acquisition With Chinedu Echeruo

The first time I met Chinedu was in a coffee shop in New York City. We sat down and discussed ideas, but it wasn’t a typical idea chat. Chinedu ran me through his process and it was fascinating to hear how detailed he was, he truly understood the customer for each product he was running me through. Chinedu is a master at bringing an idea to life, just look at what he was able to do with HopStop.

In this interview, Chinedu takes us behind the scenes on how he was able to think of HopStop and how it eventually was acquired by Apple. We don’t stay on the surface, we dig deep. Chinedu reveals how he wasn’t a coder so he gives us tips on how to find a developer early on like he did. We get the pros and cons of outsourcing, and how to budget for your app. Read more >>

How ‘Love’ Can Make You Billions With Tim Sanders

This episode I sit down with multiple NY Times Bestselling author Tim Sanders. Tim wrote one of the first books I read on entrepreneurship called “Love Is The Killer App.” We talk about the philosophy behind the book. Tim also takes us back in time and gives us tips on how we can be like Mark Cuban before he made his billions. Tim was there every step of the way. Enjoy!

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Building an Empire Together w/ Jeff & Kalisa

Be a boss, date a boss, build an empire. I’d have several empires if I had a dollar for every time I have seen that meme recreated on every social media platform. People are in love with the idea of building a business and legacy with the woman/man of their dreams. That meme has manifested itself with Jeff Belizaire and Kalisa Martin. A couple that had a dream, and built it together.

Jeff & Kalisa are the founders of the BnB The Runaway Jamaica. They launched their dream business on Kickstarter and was the first hospitality business to ever get successfully funded on the platform. Read more >>

Get Paid To Be Yourself Pt. 2 (Live) With Julian Mitchell

This episode I’m joined by supervising producer of Complex Hustle Julian Mitchell. This is a sequel to our very popular first podcast. We cover a bit of Julian’s past hustle, and journey to how he was able to rise so fast from being without a dime in his pocket. We recorded this episode live in front of a studio audience, and we had a ball.

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What To Do Before You Raise Money With Peter Boyce

This is the first of many live podcasts we recorded with a studio audience. This episode features VC Peter Boyce of General Catalyst Partners. We talk with Peter about how he came from an internship at Bad Boy Records to running his own VC firm. He delivers gems on creating a platinum network as well as what entrepreneurs should be doing to get their startups funded. Enjoy.


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What we learned:

  • When looking for VC funding push value prior to asking for anything. One of the many ways of pushing value we learned in this podcast was by setting up events that are beneficial to the venture capital firm which helps them and gets you in their radar.
  • Everything in business is about the people and the relationships you create. You can utilize your relationships to help you create your own business and be informed of new opportunities.
  • Solo entrepreneurs must take their time when looking for a co-founder/CTO. It is productively and emotionally important to have a partner that you can work with throughout creating your business. The chances of VC’s investing in a one person run company is very low.
  • Make sure you are doing something you really love.  Businesses take lots of time to build and be acquired so if you are in it for financial incentives only you will be very disappointed.
  •

    The Keys To Loving Yourself (+ Others) With Brittney Pressley

    On this episode, I called myself relationship challenged. So I decided to bring on author Brittney Pressley to teach me about how to love others, by loving myself first. Brittney is the author of two published books “Open Your Mind Before You Open Your Legs” and “Loving Inward, Living Outward, Looking Forward.” We debate on some controversial topics, as well as share laughs on a few of them.

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    What we learned:

    • How you feel about yourself dictates every relationship. If your not confident, sure, positive, etc. That same energy will be pushed into your relationships. Business and personal.
    • Loving yourself is about treating yourself with material treats. Loving yourself is about how you feel from within.
    • Make a decision and live with it. No decision you make that brings you happiness should come with regret. Don’t be so consumed with timelines and comparing your path to success with others. Make the choices that bring you closer to your goals, and be satisfied with it.
    • Being good doesn’t equal being real. Just because he/she you’re dealing with is a good person, doesn’t mean they are being real with themselves. We all have issues and can only deal with them when we properly classify them.


    Brittney’s Books

    The Recipe For A Great Story With Ricky Yean

    Don’t hold back when promoting your company or products. One media source is not the key to success (except for Oprah). Holding back or being complacent has cost me opportunities and money. Today I speak with Ricky Yean CEO and founder of two companies that helps you promote yourself, Crowdbooster and PRX. Ricky tells me about all the mistakes entrepreneurs make when crafting a story for the world.

    I had the opportunity to interview Ricky before about his past, experience with Y Combinator, and being a new CEO. Check it out here. Read more >>