The Art Of Not Giving a F*ck

Pardon my French. Not giving a fuck isn’t as crazy as it sounds. It’s actually more about focus and caring only about things that matter. I recently started reading “The Obstacle Is The Way” by Ryan Holiday, and the entire book is a tactical guide to only focusing on the things that matter to get through tough times.

On Life Or Death Situations

I remember it like yesterday. I was 14 years old. My mother is very religious, so she used to drag me and my older brother William to church with her all the time. One night, she had us come with her to a meeting that involved the church anniversary. We were upset, but understood that it was pretty late, so we didn’t want her to be alone at night. So we went along.

Lucky for us, we were not the only kids who got dragged along with their parents to this church meeting. We grouped up with 2 other boys and went just outside the church doors to talk. We started debating who we thought were the best rappers at the time and what the best video games were. I don’t know how it lead to this, but we began to start freestyle rapping to one of the church boys beat boxing.


Build Your House On Value

Common advice I used to always receive is to network and be a connector. While that’s a good way to come up, it’s not stable by itself. Its shaky, like a house of cards. I think networks are definitely important, but creating some form of value as a foundation to build your success “house” on is even better.

Value doesn’t catch feelings, value can’t stab you in the back, value can’t just decide it doesn’t like you anymore, in other words value isn’t human. If you build a house based on connections alone, you can go very far, but one card can cause the whole house to collapse. Then what do you have to fall on?


Validating An Online Side Business Idea


I ran a short experiment on The Phat Startup, that challenged me to find a validated side hustle idea. I did it to help show people that starting is really simple. It’s not a short read, but it’s packed with enough information for you to use it as a guide to come back to. I hope this post helps sparks some of those fires you have inside yourself.

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How To Hustle Content Like A Movie Theater

This post originally appeared on The Phat Startup a while back. I thought it was still relevant, given the heavy focus on content all brands are now pushing towards. So, time to give it new life!

I had a great conversation with The Phat Startup co-founder James Lopez about Jay-Z’s ownership with the Nets. There were people criticizing him as if his position with the ownership club didn’t mean anything financially. Well, they were wrong. Jay has pulled a classic move that we jokingly coined the “movie theater hustle.” Give away the movie for little or nothing, and just make money selling the popcorn. Even though we were kidding around, its really a unique analogy for delivering value.


Faith Without Works Is Dead

I’m as patient as they come, but sometimes when something clicks in me I ask myself “damn, why couldn’t I have figured this out earlier?” But I accept the way life comes, because everything surely does happen for a reason. Lately I been somewhat addicted to James Altucher blogs and Jim Rohn audio tapes. I connect with them. They come from places where I have been, and even where i’m currently at mentally, physically, and even financially. To “choose yourself” as James would say is to not let the world put you in the rat race, and to take hold of your destination. You can’t just say it, you need a daily practice that stimulates you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.


Most Valuable Twitter Accounts To Follow In 2014

This is really a best of 2013, but i’m looking to help people out moving forward. These following accounts have been a blessing, and helps to keep my Twitter timeline full of value, inspiration, great information, and laughs. You are what you eat, and who you follow on Twitter. I believe what you see on your timeline can effect your thinking, especially if you are a heavy user. Some nights I just can’t escape the talks of the tv show Scandal, others i’m joining in on how horrible my Knicks are. But overall, my experience on Twitter is a learning and networking experience. If you don’t already follow these accounts you should start today. In no particular order, except for the first one 😉


5 Sites To Create a Landing Page For Non-Coders

2013 was the big learn how to code year. I still believe it’s important to learn how to code, but now it’s far from being a reason not to start something. I feel like creating a landing page is a great way to start validating an idea. I emphasize ‘start validating’ because some people get stuck at this stage, and depending on your product it may not provide enough validated learning. A landing page is not a MVP, its one of many things you can do. We have some great resources including a “Side Hustle: 101” mega post coming to The Phat Startup that will dig even more into that. When teaching people these strategies I always get the “I can’t code” or “don’t know where to start” push back. So I compiled 5 websites that can get you a landing page up and running in a hour or incredibly less. Disclosure: none of the links below are affiliate links. I won’t get paid for you using any of these products.



Im scared. Im scared to fail. Im scared to let people down. Im scared of speaking in public. Im scared of a lot of stuff. The funny thing is, some of the things i’m scared of doing, i’m most known for. Nothing can remove fear from me, I’ve tried it. What I was able to do is instead of removing fear, is control it. Try to be the master of your own emotions rather than trying to get rid of them.

Fear became motivation. So when i’m nervous about something, I use it as motivation and tell myself its the next step. I have become so accustomed to fear, that if I don’t get a bit scared then the opportunity may not be big enough. I need it now. Its a complete 360. I say this because I speak to so many people who have the same fear as me. They look at me as if I have some secret to overcoming obstacles that I can reveal to them. I don’t.