3 month goals

Why 3 Month Goals Are Better, and How to Create Them

Goals used to frustrate me. Nothing is worse than starting a fresh year with so much optimism, and then just running out of gas halfway through. Year after year, I experimented with different systems to figure this goal thing out. But then I finally discovered what I was doing wrong. I kept confusing my mission and vision with my goals. Focusing only on your vision which is long term, will leave you stressed out and confused about next steps in the short term. Enter 3-month goals.

I read The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran,¬†studied Lisa Nichols, and researched many of the 90-day sprint methods by performance coach Todd Herman. It just made so much sense to me. Why focus on the next 12 months, just focus on the next 12 weeks. This action will help you develop a laser-like trajectory for achievable goals. The best part is you don’t ever lose sight of your overall mission and vision. Read more >>