How Divine Timing Works

This may or may not apply to you, but hear me out. I was upset when I tried so hard to pay attention in school, and got an F because I couldn’t focus. I was upset when I and my family had to move house to house when I was younger because my parents just got divorced. I was upset when I would watch TV and see clean neighborhoods, but outside my window was abandoned houses and empty crack vials. I was upset when I went to school and got teased because I was a little chubbier than most.

I was upset when I dropped out of college because my mother relied on me to be the first one with a degree. I was upset when I had to work for minimum wage, and I was broke every week. I was upset when my company failed and was embarrassed I had to move back in my mother. There have been so many times where I was extremely upset from a life challenge, resulting to me crying in the bathroom so my family wouldn’t think I was weak. Constantly asking GOD, why me?


How To Think Your Way To Success With Jaylen Bledsoe

Ever heard of the law of attraction? Books like “The Secret” made it a popular practice. It’s the idea of envisioning a positive future for yourself, in order to attract it. I spoke with entrepreneur Jaylen Bledsoe who believes a large part of his success is because of this law. I met Jaylen while we were both filming for an AT&T commercial together. There I learned much of his story¬†and decided to bring him on my show so you could hear it for yourself.

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