The DJ Khaled Key to Self Confidence

DJ Khaled’s rise to popularity on Snapchat is fueled by his motivational messages, he calls them “keys to success.” Sure some of these keys are just silly jokes, but I truly feel Khaled is keeping it real most of the time. He is fully aware he has become a meme and cashed in on it with his We The Best online shop. The store sold out of product after just one week of being live.

Khaled loves to talk about “They.” He says things like, “They don’t want you to win”, “They don’t want you to eat”, “They don’t want you to have success” or “watch out for They“. They have become the world’s biggest group of haters. Clearly in order for you to become successful in life, you have to know how to handle They. But I’m about to reveal a real key about They. Read more >>